article in the latimes about 9/11

here is an article in the LA Times about the newly released FAA warnings.. I love how the media is constantly berating the FAA for not following up on the warnings when the warnings obviously would have come from some other intelligence agency, not the FAA.

there is some aditional commentary here:

here is the commentary:

Increasing numbers now believe that based on mounting credible evidence it goes beyond the criminal negligence suggested here by Robert Scheer. Evidence from whistleblowers and others ignored by the Commission now demands that Americans and the world at least seriously consider the possibility of willful criminal complicity by individuals with vested interests within the U.S. government or by U.S. government contractors who stood to gain immensely (and did) from the attack. Instead of these individuals being investigated or held responsible they have been let off the hook or in many cases given promotions and rewards for their 'incompetence' or 'criminal negligence'.

It should go without saying that incompetence, criminal negligence and active criminal facilitation by U.S. government officials, agents or government contractors could have all concurred leading up to, and during the 9/11 attacks and that cover-ups of all three have been effected with the result being zero accountability and an utterly failed investigation.

Hearings should be held on Capitol Hill to examine the testimony and evidence seen by Sibel Edmonds, the statements about a lying NORAD made by Senator Dayton, the extensive warnings that were not only given to the FAA but were handled and surely vetted by Dr. Rice and the larger intelligence community. There has been willful perjury and deception on the part of the Administration relative to the investigation of 9/11. Now that the recommendations of the Commission have been acted upon, let us return to the actual findings of the Commission, what's been distorted or left out altogether and have hearings on the Hill to begin to answer for ourselves many of the hundreds of questions raised by the 9/11 Family Steering Committee which have yet to be addressed.

The time is long overdue. And it's NOT too late to set the record straight and learn the whole truth. Our future depends upon it.