art bell's lame 9/11 show

i stayed up last night from midnight til 4am to listen to the head researcher of the recent popular mechanics article be interviewed by art bell on 'coast to coast'..

after 3 1/2 hours of going over the article, and talking down about anyone and everyone, there was 30 minutes of actual discussion.. i was blown away by the incredibly biased conversation that i sat through.. they received a call at the begining by Lisa Guliani, she asked a great question, but art said chertoff wasnt on the line yet, and never brought her question up to chertoff..

of the few callers who did get in, a few asked decent questions, or made decent comments.. and to those chertoff said they hadnt researched it.. it was quite apparent that asside from the 16 points in the article (that they spent 3 1/2 hours going over), they had little to no knowledge of anything else, including the 6-8 highjackers who are still alive.. they had never heard of that, and doubted its credibility, showing they really dont know much in the great scope of 9/11 oddities.

bah.. anyways, heres some links:

Lisa Guliani's article on last nights art bell show

guess who rice picked as her adviser? Philip Zelikow..
guess he did such a great job on the 9/11 report that he deserved another job.. yet another way this report was in no way 'independent'.

PROJECT CENSORED: Threshold Fears and Unanswered Questions about 9/11

and finally.. someone on the show last night, i beleive art bell, referred to alex jones as being anti-semitic.. this comment is so incredibly repugnant that i cant have any respect for art bell.. combine this very hateful lie with his aparent animosity to anyone who doesnt buy the official story, and you end up with a hateful and ignorant man, not deservant of my respect.. what a waste of 4 hours.