Are we really searching for bin laden?

check out this clip from last night's daily show:
(special thanks to for the clip)

does it look like goss thinks we are actively searching for bin laden? it doesnt to me.. to me it looks like he thinks what bush is saying is a joke, and completely removed from the truth..

so, if we arent really searching for bin laden, why not? perhaps they know something they would rather the public not know, like we dont really want to find him, or we already have, or he is dead, etc.. ill leave that up to you to decide..

BinLaden is dead. Has been

BinLaden is dead. Has been since 2001. Don't believe me, check it out. He was just a Bush CIA patsy just like Oswald was in the JFK murder. The war on terror is a scam. On 9/11 Bush declaired war on the American people, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Wake up you brainwashed dummies.