Really neat online web app

i came across this app today, and man is it cool.. basically it shows you a company, and its board of directors.. then from that board of directors you can see what other companies a person is a member of..

anyways, check it out.. it is really insightful in understanding how closely tied some corporations are.. be sure to use the 'load' function to load the most popular connections, such as how the energy companies relate, and a bunch of others..

anyways, i used it to make a real quick example of how Thomas Kean from the government's 9/11 investigation sat on the same board of directors with members of the Bush 1 administration, and the clinton adminsistration.. the picture links to a much larger example:

of course this is just a minor example of how the 9/11 commission wasnt 'independent', do a quick search for more details on that..

p.s. dont forget wingtv is doing their 9/11 on trial series this week