and Loose Change DVDs ready to go!

Big day in terms of 9/11 related videos..

first off, the video 'Confronting the Evidence' from Jimmy Walters at is finished, and is on its way to press. he is giving away this 4+ hour DVD on 9/11 for free, as well as making it available for download. You can download the video and/or order your free dvd at the link below:

secondly, enigs has announced that his new video Loose Change is done, and off to press, you can pre-order this video, and watch a preview, from the link below:

add this to the on-going 9/11 On Trial videos being released at and you have quite a ton of new stuff coming out..

p.s. i am downloading the videos from now, and just the first video is really really amazing, these are really high quality downloads too, so they are definately worth the watch.

I ordered my video from

I ordered my video from quite a while ago and it hasn't shown up yet. Guess I'll start downloading...

the first shipments went out

the first shipments went out about 2 weeks ago (first week of april).. i got 3 of them in the mail (guess i ordered it a few times).. but ive given away quite a few copies..

the downloads are really good quality, but i would suggest you order another copy if you havent gotten it yet since it also has an updated version of 'painful deceptions' on it as well..