catching up for the week..

welp, i was out sick for the later half of this week, so there is quite a bunch for me to catch up on.. here we go..

new Christopher Bollyn article:
THE HIDDEN HAND OF THE CIA - 9/11 and Popular Mechanics

OP-ED from The Nation on yahoo news:
Wolfowitz To Rule the World (Bank)
this is linked here primarily because it references wolfowitz's plans for iraq before 9/11, and how he continued to try to connect iraq to 9/11 as a motive for the war..

related new article from Greg Palast about Iraq plans prior to 9/11:
Secret U.S. plans for Iraq's oil

Online Journal posting by Jerry Mazza which mentions WTC7, and a few of the 9/11 related 'conspiracies'.
Murdering the messengers, fabricating the news

article on the 'Lone Gunman' show coming to DVD.. the pilot of this series will be included.. the pilot involved the government intentionally crashing planes into the WTC to help stage a new war.. comes out march 29th, although you can find that pilot to watch for free on the web..
'The Lone Gunmen' Return to Life

Venezuela online newspaper talks about 9/11 'conspiracies':
Al Qaeda’s ‘Red Barons’ and the 9/11 ‘melt down’ ... not afraid of flying?

further comments on the exchange between Myers and Cynthia McKinney over the wargames taking place on 9/11:
Liar Myers, pants on fire

Another new article from American Free Press:
A 29-year U.S. Defense Department operative named 'Timothy McNiven', claims:

"not only did the Bush administration purposely ignore Al Q'aida in the months preceding the WTC attacks, but the situation is even more disturbing, considering his military unit way back in 1976 devised a mock terrorist attack of the Twin Towers exactly like what occurred on 9/11."

The Perfect Terrorist Plan
To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976

a quick search on 'Timothy McNiven' and 'WTC' pulls a couple related links:

apparently he is involved in the RICO lawsuit against Bush et al. which you can find more about here:

sorry for such a random post all at once, had to catchup without too much commenting, each article should be worth the read though..