is all over 9/11

i hadnt looked at this site in a while, but i came accross it today because of this article:
Religion and 9-11

Is religion to blame for 9-11? Absolutely not. Are the people who refuse to question 9-11 to blame for it? Absolutely, because people who refuse to question something, regardless of its glaring irrationality, encourage it to continue.

this article is great, altho controversial it really hits home in talking about how the majority of people refuse to even review what happened on 9/11, read some books, do some research, its frickin 9/11!

while i was there i noticed that has a section called '9/11 Facts' on their menu which has a TON of 9/11 related stuff.. i havent gone through most of it yet, but its good to see another adamant 9/11 skeptic.