Special Feature: 9/11 Related Music

Note: This thread is now just serving as an archive, please visit 911podcasts.com for all of the following media plus all future additions.

These are all songs which mention 9/11 related questions and conspiracies.. I'll try to break them up into categories..

Please help keep me up to date with any new tracks about 9/11 that come out!

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NOTE: Last Updated 03/07/2006

TruthTold - 911 A Cold Day in Hell (Artist Website)
TruthTold - Birth of the Prince of Terror
TruthTold - Final Call Before Armageddon
Eminem - Mosh (video available here)
Immortal Technique (feat. Mos Def) - Bin Laden
Immortal Technique (feat. Chuck D) - Bin Laden Remix
Immortal Technique - Bin Laden (Geniewiz Unspeakable Remix)
Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death
Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death (freestyle version)
Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death (Dem Bruce Lee Styles Remix)
Mos Def - Towers
Remo Conscious - Lies
Paris - What Would You Do (long version)
CunninLynguists - Appreciation
CunninLynguists - Dying Nation
Virtuoso - Fahrenheit 9/11 (feat slaine)
Diabolic - Truth
Supa Dubya (Video)
Sage Francis - Makeshift Patriot
Oranj Mechanik - Weapons of Mass Destraction
The Impossebulls - Circle of Lies
Dead Prez - Know Your Enemy
Addek - Critikal Timez

Ministry - Lies Lies Lies
A Perfect Circle - Pet (Political Slideshow Video)
Away with the Fairys - You Lied (lyrics)
The John Kasper Band - Conspiracy of Silence
SuperPower - No Planes
Clarity - 7 (video)
Clarity - Buddy Buddy (video)
John Kellermann - The New Pearl Harbor
Chumbawamba - Jacobs Ladder (Not in My Name)
David Rovics - Reichstag Fire
Unknown - Number 1 Terrorist
Les Visible - 911 Was an Inside Job

Appono Astos - Fight the Corruption

spoken word:
Righteous Babe - Self Evident (lyrics)
Les Visible - Have I Got It Right - Talking 911 Blues

not directly mentioning 9/11, but still related:
Michele Paris - Justice
Inner Surge - Bury the Evidence

alternative view music sites:

Note to the hiphop community: Hiphop is currently one of the few remaining music industries not dominated by corporations. It has a large 'underground' scene, and the community as a whole has an appreciation for 'alternative'/non-mainstream music.. I have been getting a good amount of traffic from hiphop forums, and I hope you will keep checking back and submitting anything new that you come across.

"Sonic Jihad - What Would

"Sonic Jihad - What Would You Do (long version)" is actually by Paris. "Sonic Jihad" is the name of the album. Download free MP3's from Paris' albums @ www.guerillafunk.com

and there's more on my site

and there's more on my site too


David Rovics' Reichstag Fire

David Rovics' Reichstag Fire does it for me.

I've tried to get my local radio stations to play it, but they're all full of, uh, excuses...

The airwaves, which once belonged to us, now belong to the fascists in control of the USA.

How are we ever going to take back the media if we can't even get these songs played on the radio?

having personally worked

having personally worked with The Impossebulls, i can honestly say that "Circle Of Lies" performed live is an awesome experience. Anyone in the Pittsburgh area should check out their next show! Go to www.impossebulls.com for details!

huge Immortal Technique fan too! Don't sleep on these artists just because you haven't heard of them! They speak the TRUTH, and that's why you'll never hear of them in the mainstream!

I concur, but in the age of

I concur, but in the age of clear Channel, Good luck with it...
I mean even Public Enemy was asked to censor the word "Free" from their song "Give The Peeps"... I think that would drastically change the meaning of the lyrics... *Bleep* Mumia, and H.Rap Brown.... As opposed to Free Mumia and H.Rap Brown.
I suppose that post 9-11, Free is a pretty dirty word..

Thanks for putting our music

Thanks for putting our music up here! This is Nick Van Axl, I play Bass for Oranj Mechanik and as I was just searching around I found your page with our music!
It means a LOT to me that this is getting out!
I also recommend The ImposseBulls "Circle Of Lies" as well as Chumbawumba's "Jacob's Ladder" If this is still building.
Thanks Again,
Oranj Mechanik

thanks for the heads up, my

thanks for the heads up, my mistake :)

Whoa!!! Thanks for that link

Whoa!!! Thanks for that link up to the Les Visible music site. Incredible writing, music, vocals. Why haven't I heard about this guy before? I put it on the house system at CD World every time the manager goes to lunch. Thank's for the tip.

"Inside Job" is a song that

"Inside Job" is a song that calls 9-11 what it really is.

The song is free to download and distribute for non-profit.

Immortal Technique has been

Immortal Technique has been rapping about the corrupt American system for years. Dude pulls no punches. Revolutionary hiphop at its best.

Check out the site @ www.immortaltechnique.tk and link up.

Don't believe the hype http://www.stayhuman.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3466

Alanis Morrisette's album

Alanis Morrisette's album "Under Rug Swept" was not mentioned as 9/11 music, but the whole album was a 9/11 tribute. If you listen to the lyrics of the song "21 things I wan in a lover", it sounds like... don't believe in capital benchmarks, but the lyrics say, capital punishment. It also sounds like... have money for many opinions, but the lyrics says, have many formed opinions
What I don't understand is how there can be a section for 9/11 artist and not mention this album.

Iced Earth plays a song

Iced Earth plays a song called "When the Eagle Cries"

They also made a music video. It is about 9/11.

When the Eagle Cries - Iced Earth - Lyrics

Why does your comment engine

Why does your comment engine not show the comment totals properly in the link?

While not specifically on

While not specifically on 9/11, the new album from Public Enemy w/ Paris is worth a mention. The two free mp3 downloads are very uplifting (- ;

"the american people must rise up... we are at war"

dead prez has alkinds of

dead prez has alkinds of political relateed music we need a revalution, and get free or die tryin, by the way keep up the good word I am ready I dont have much money but I will fight for freedom peacfully or by

share4u - kochen -