NIST news reports start rolling in

News articles on the recent NIST report focused on the collapse of the WTC towers are beginning to spread like wildfire..

here are a few quick links:
ABC News - Investigators Report on WTC Collapse
MSNBC - Reports: Lost fireproofing led to WTC collapse

and here is a google news search that will list the 337+ news articles on this subject..

the NIST have a webpage dedicated to their WTC research, unfortuantely it apparently is down at this moment:

its nice to see the media remember that 9/11 happened.. even if it is only to provide the mouth peice to the NIST press release about their report.. i am definately looking forward to getting my hands on their report.. i will leave the analysis of the report to people like Eric Hoffman (

here are the things i am looking forward to studying, if covered, in their report:

  • how many floors remained structurally sound after the initial explosions and fire? (60+?)
  • how much resistance should these floors have provided to the collapse?
  • explanation of the free-fall speed collapse of the towers despite resistance as it relates to Galileo's law of falling bodies
  • what caused the pools of liquid steel which remained for weeks after the collapse?
  • why did WTC7 (and the towers) fall through the path of most resistance and not topple over?
  • how did asymetrical damage to WTC7 cause a symetrical collapse?
  • how does the madrid fire relate to the WTC fire?
  • i will come back to this report as news surfaces.. hopefully the report will be available to the public soon..