Links from the weekend and a few words on the NIST report

been busy working on some stuff for the site (which ill post about soon).. so here is a quick rundown of links floating around this weekend..

9/11 Truth - Investigate 9/11 Warnings Cover-up
9/11 Truth - All We Want Is the Truth
Foreign Press Foundation - The origin of the 9/11 mysterious 'melt down'?

and to follow up on the NIST report.. i read through it a few nights ago and found it to be very intresting, poorly organized, and worth a look.. this report is not the final report.. they expect to have that done sometime around June of this year. when i saw that the report on WTC7 wont be coming out until at least december as it is a completely seperate report i must admit i was a bit dissapointed..

the report has a few photos which were new to me which show the bowing of the exterior walls, which i thought was pretty intresting.. basically this preliminary press report covers the twin towers' collapse up til the point of 'global collapse'.. hopefully the final report, which they say will be over 10,000 pages long, will go into much greater detail on the definition of 'global collapse' as well as perhaps mention the questions i listed in a previous post..

this preliminary report also goes into details on the rescue efforts of that day analyzing the evacuation and studying the evacuations failures and successes.. the report seems to say that no firefighters reached higher than the 30-40th floor, but im sure that will be clarified in the final report..