Karl Schwarz interview transcript

Karl Schwarz, author of 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas', was recently interviewed on the John Stadtmiller Radio Show.. the transript is available here.

and on a side note, Dylan from letsroll911.net has announced that he has received his first 1000 copies of his DVD entitled 'Loose Change'.. I will be sure to comment on it after i see what he has come up with.

you can expect a 'Special Feature' on 9/11 related documentaries (with free downloads!?) in the coming week.. if you havent checked out the 9/11 Related Music or 9/11 Related Books special feature topics yet please do..

EDIT: fixed the transcript link, thanks for the heads up danny from rbnlive.com

and here are the audio links:
part1 part2

link to the mp3 downloads of

if you want to read some

if you want to read some really interesting stuff read this karl schwarz interview.. read the whole thing and do some research, this article is massive and worth some attention.