New Sibel Edmonds Interview + Griffin Update

Campaign coffers profit from 9/11, coke and courts

"Judge Ginsberg said ‘I am asking the plaintiff and her attorneys to stand outside;’ then they had government officers standing at the door to prevent anyone from listening. And after about 25 minutes, they came out and said ‘we have finished questioning the government attorneys and we don’t need you anymore, so you are free to leave,’ " said the crestfallen former translator.

"I cannot be present at my own hearing; and not a single paper was there Thursday to cover the story--even though all of my allegations were supported by the FBI Inspector General’s report and my case involves 9/11 and national security," said Sibel Edmonds.

pretty bad when you arent even allowed to participate in your own trial.. instead you get to stand outside while the government talks with the lawyers.. our justice system is hard at work..

as for the Griffin recording that will (supposively) air on CSPAN in the coming weeks.. my copy is out on a truck for delivery as we speak.. only problem is that i am going out of town today.. if it arrives before i leave i will take it with me and try to convert and upload it from the road.. if not then it may be wednesday night or thursday.. i will do my best though.

another quick update on the

another quick update on the griffin DVD..

my copy of the event will be ready for me to pickup at the post office here in a couple of hours.. i will be out of town, but will have someone picking it up, ripping it, compressing it, and uploading it for people to download..

the first version will be around 200mb due to limits of my server and bandwidth.. if anyone would like to offer alternative downloads or would be willing to host a higher res version (400mb, 600mb) please email me and let me know at with any luck this video should be available tonight or tommorrow, but worse comes to worse it will be up when i am back in town wednesday night.

dz, I'm new to your site --

dz, I'm new to your site -- thanks for the info, and I'm looking forward to watching the Griffin video (just listened to the audio and he's great as always)