Griffin CSPAN Video near completion

Welp, i have ripped a copy of the DVD i got.. i have an 80mb version that is somewhat ready to go.. i am ripping a higher res version now.. unfortunately there is a major issue with the DVD about 5 minutes into the Q/A section.. so once it is posted it will be a 'part 1' until i get another dvd or vhs copy, at which point i will post a 'part 2'.. at least the part 1 will contain through the standing ovation ;)

there are some popping noises in the audio.. so if they sound too bad i may use the mp3 copy of the audio mixed with the video.. in any event, hopefully by late tonight/early tommorrow i will be content in releasing the first part..

since im out of town i cant just focus on this and get it done, so thanks for your patience..