David Ray Griffin CSPAN Video Available

EDIT: a full and complete version of this is available now with better quality as well, click here for that topic.

Here is what i have.. it is the whole interview through about 5 minutes into the Q/A.. it is not the final version i will eventually release (after i receive and rip the VHS copy).. but it is worth going ahead and sharing.. and it will allow me not to rush on making the final full version..

so, without further ado:
[link to new version topic]

be sure to right click, save as.. and once i have the final done i will let everyone know.. anyone who hosts a mirror for this please let me know so i can post it here as well.

Hey-- cool blog. I'll add

Hey-- cool blog.

I'll add you to my links at my 9/11 blog:



it will broadcast this

it will broadcast this saturday (4/30) at 10:30am.. just posted about it.

thanks for the comments from everyone, i have another DVD and VHS on its way to me, so i promise i will have a full and better put together copy available.. i just felt i should get it out there and stop delaying posting it (especially since i have to wait on another copy now)..

thanks again for your comments.

Thanks for the Griffin

Thanks for the Griffin video. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Thanks, mate. Great job!

Thanks, mate. Great job! (apart from the sound :-)
Do you know when it will be broadcast?