Temporary Bandwidth Issues

welp, somehow i managed to use up 23GB of bandwidth in the last 2 days.. i am waiting to hear from my host to see how this overage will be handled.. in the mean time, i have signed up to use a file hosting service which charges per GB of transfer.. you can see their pricing here..

i am going to keep the david ray griffin video up for now until i hear back from my host.. if there are any issues i may pull the download until my other file hosting service is done being setup..

dont worry though, it will stay up in one form or another.. apparently alot of people have been hotlinking directly to the file which explains the spike in bandwidth being much greater than the spike in visitors..

glad to see the video spreading like wild fire :)

Hey thanks for the links to

Hey thanks for the links to David Ray Griffin's dynamite lecture. I have only downloaded 36 percent of the wmv file of his lecture but now the file no longer exists and your site says WMV version on the way. I know you probably have bandwidth limitations and perhaps it was taken down for this reason. I have a dial up so the smaller wmv file is more appealing to me. Could you let me know when the wmv file will be available again? Thanks again! I emailed cspan and thanked them for airing the lecture.

the hi-res WMV has been

the hi-res WMV has been reposted now that it is fixed, and i have put up a 25mb version for dialup users which should be great quality even at that size..

Why not post your copy to

Why not post your copy to www.archive.org or IndyMedia?

Here, for example, is an older Griffin speech on archive.org: