Press Coverage of Griffin CSPAN Presentation

it should be quite telling to see who actually covers this 9/11 related presentation.. there are tons of ways to show that the 9/11 commission was neither independent nor thorough, perhaps Griffin breaking the silence will help our press realize that we want the truth, and some of us are still paying attention..

here is a list of new articles covering Griffin's presentation.. i will add to it as more come out (assuming more do)..
GNN - Author Claims Admin Complicit in 9/11
Brad Blog - Can This Be Happening?? 9/11 Truth On American TV??

EDIT: be sure to email and thank them for airing Griffin's speech.

I can't believe these are

I can't believe these are still the only two major news stories about this showing today.

The media would rather focus on a woman who feigned her own kidnapping because she got cold feet.