Article on Alex Jones and his comments just prior to 9/11

The Real Origins Of The 9/11 Truth Movement

He was talking about how the government were about to carry out an act of terrorism to bolster the construction of a police state and a new world order.

Alex dubbed his campaign 'Expose the Government Terrorists' and urged his listeners to call the White House and tell them to call off the operation.

He gave out White House switchboard numbers on his radio and television show on a daily basis.

On his television show Alex elaborated on the fact that the Globalists were about to use their asset Osama bin Laden to attack New York. Alex is not psychic. He did not have a crystal ball. He was able to make the call because he could see the conditioning in the media. Bin laden is a threat, bin Laden will attack. When bin Laden attacks, give up your rights.
While others were squabbling over issues of prior knowledge, Alex was firm in pointing the finger directly at the criminals inside the Military-Industrial Complex for being intimately involved in 9/11.

be sure to check out this link.. it has links to download media related to the article.. alex jones definately deserves some credit when it comes to 9/11 related research.. he has proven himself time and time again, and while he may come off too harsh to those unfamiliar with his work, he exposes exactly the news you will never hear our mainstream media discuss.

anyone with prior knowledge of 9/11, or its surrounding subjects, is definately someone we should try to understand.

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