Indira Singh Radio Interview

just got a heads up about an interview with Indira Singh from 4/27/2005.. if your not familiar with Indira Singh do yourself a favor and research her and her knowledge on PTECH.. you can find her segment from the '9/11 Citizens Commission on 9/11' panel here.

you can find her interview and a bunch of interviews with other 9/11 related researchers on this site:
Guns and Butter Archives

i am listening to it now.. she talks about being a rescue worker on 9/11 as well as PTECH.. check it out.

EDIT: ooh, check out the Barrie Zwicker - 'The Great Conspiracy' mp3 as well.. it is the audio from Barrie Zwicker's 9/11 documentary.. if you havent seen this documentary you should definately check this out.. he does a great job analyzing the media's handling of 9/11..

The whole video The Great

The whole video The Great Conspiracy can be downloaded via Bittorrent: The_Great_Conspiracy.avi. It's 500 MB and the quality is very good.
Save the .torrent file, and open it with a Bittorrent client, for example Azureus.