New and Updated 9/11 Related Websites + Site Updates

there has been some activity related to new or udpated 9/11 related websites.. just wanted to mention them real quick:

  • is a new site by Alex Jones.. it is a companion to his recent video of the same name.. the site is VERY well laid out and contains a TON of data all related to his new video.. there is a new preview of his movie as well as TONS of detailed links and information about every minute, and even second, of his video.. definately worth the look, and probably worth referencing if/when you see his new movie.
  • has updated their site.. probably to coincide with their upcoming European Tour
  • is a new site which hopes to create a 9/11 related webring and rating system..

i also added some new events to the upcoming events section, and 2 new blogs in the blogs section.. thanks to assistance from a reader i should be able to start hosting alot more bandwidth in the future.. i should be re-hosting the 150mb version of Griffin's Speech in Madison again very soon and be able to host alot more media in the future..

thanks for the support and please contact me with any comments, questions, concerns, etc.. just give me time to get through the email ;) looks as if it looks as if it could be yet another attempt at guiding the flow of traffic among 911 sites, possibly to "help" make sure that certain questions about 911 are not raised.

(We can't have the people deciding for themselves, now, can we?)

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link suggestions:

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