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Ex-Officers of Islamic Charity Indicted [tied to Ptech software firm]

also apparently Griffin's speech will be re-aired again soon, I am probably going to do an advertising drive for it on new sites to try to help spread the word.. i may do some sort of funding drive tied with this in the hopes we can break through to more new people..

thanks to 911citizenswatch.org for the heads up!

while this article is primarily focused on iraq it draws a very clear picture and briefly mentions 9/11.. it is a great read..
One of These Days

Roger Cressey, Clarke's former deputy, witnessed one of the most damning charges that has been leveled against the administration by Clarke: They blew past al Qaeda after the 9/11 attacks, focusing instead on Iraq. Donald Kerrick, a three-star General who served as deputy National Security Advisor under Clinton and stayed for several months in the Bush White House, likewise saw this happening.

Paul O'Neill, former Treasury Secretary for George W. Bush, was afforded a position on the National Security Council because of his job as Treasury Secretary, and sat in on the Iraq invasion planning sessions which were taking place months before the attacks of September 11. Those planning sessions kicked into high gear when the Towers came down.
But this doesn't fit the fiction, it grates against the consensus, and it also by the way would cut significantly into media profits if they were no longer able to sell fear and war. CNN's viewership went up 500% after September 11. Have you any idea the advertising dollar-value a ratings boost like that brings along? They aren't dumb. Fear sells. Soul-scorching fear sells really well.

also, this is an open thread, so post what you got to say.