Super Slow Day + Open Thread

only got one link for tonight:

Accused 9/11 plotter: I did not know hijackers

MADRID — One of three al-Qaeda suspects accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks on the United States told a Spanish court he did not know one of the suspected hijackers and insisted he was innocent.

Moroccan Driss Chebli is one of 24 people suspected of links to al-Qaeda appearing in Madrid in the largest trial of suspected members of the extremist group to be held in Europe and one of three believed linked to 9/11.

Chebli denied knowing Mohamed Atta, the Egyptian identified as the ringleader of the suicide pilots who flew the aircraft they had hijacked into the World Trade Center in New York and into the Pentagon.

"I've never seen him before," Chebli said when asked about Atta.

you would think that the media, or the American people, would care about these 9/11 related trials, but I will bet you a dollar you wont see anything about 9/11 on T.V., asside from using it to justify everything..

in any event, this is an open thread, got some favorite links and articles? some recent articles i missed? send in your comments!

I think it strange that the

I think it strange that the Spanish government is even conducting this trial. Makes you wonder how (world)wide spread is the corruption. As many of the visitors to this site already know the evidence gives us no proof actual terrorist highjacked any of the planes.

Well I think the fact that

Well I think the fact that the Spanish Government is conducting a trial is evidence of their involvment in the attacks. Think about it. Spain assists the US in the attack on Americans Then spain is assisted by perhaps The Saudi rulers with their attack on the people of Madrid. All this is part of the drive to impose some form of control over the population in general. Sibel Edmonds(Gagged-FBI Whistleblower)would probably be able to confirm my theory, to some degree she already has.