Flashback: Condoleezza Rice's Credibility Gap

Jon Gold from yourbbsucks.com just sent me a link to an old video from Rice's testimony about 9/11.. it is a heated exchange between Rice and Richard Ben-Veniste..

after the news broke about the 52 warnings about Al-Queda issued to the FAA between March and September 2001 I was certain she would be called on for a perjury trial.. unfortunately nothing ever materialized..

you can find a great breakdown of her misleading comments here..

(click the image to download 64mb MOV)

thanks to Gold for a good flashback video on an otherwise slow day for 9/11 news!

ill prolly just start

ill prolly just start posting older 9/11 clips on slow days, so if you want to come up with some suggestions, let me know.

Thanks for posting this D...

Thanks for posting this D...