New Commenting Abilities

I just switched this blog to use's commenting system.. this should make comments post immediately (instead of only when i republish my blog).. please test it out and let me know if you have any issues!

unfortunately this means all previous comments are gone.. this really sucks because i had received alot of good comments, but it will work out best in the long run.. please feel free to repost your comments and please accept my appologies for all of the comments disappearing :(

all previous comments are

all previous comments are back, w00t!

apparently the comment

apparently the comment counts arent being updated because haloscan is having some issues.. so its not me :)

and apparently there is a way for me to show all the previous comments from blogger and not allow new ones.. i will work on that soon..

also, i just fixed a popup bug that was keeping alot of my panel links from working in internet explorer.. please let me know if there are other issues i am unaware of!

hrm.. maybe it is working..

hrm.. maybe it is working.. i dunno..

It is ashame that the older

It is ashame that the older comment are now lost. However it will be a better service to have comments in real time.

well it looks like i have

well it looks like i have more work to do on this anyways.. the # of comments isn't being updated on the home page.. i will do some research on that and what we can do about older comments soon..

not tonight though, got some serious business to attend to.. (starwars)