The Most Complete 9/11 Timeline Even More Complete!

I just noticed that the 9/11 timeline by Paul Thompson on has been updated, this is great news! this is one of the best resources for any avid 9/11 researcher!

Complete 9/11 Timeline
here is the announcement:

5/26/2005: Update to 9/11 Timeline.
The 9/11 Timeline has been thoroughly updated and overhauled. More than a hundred new entries and pictures have been added, almost all of the original 1400 entries have been changed in some way, and the entries have been reorganized into new themes. Expect to see frequent updates, improvements, and a new essay in the coming weeks.

Do you have any info on this

Do you have any info on this post about insider trading on 9/11?

you can find some stuff on

you can find some stuff on the put options before 9/11 here:

otherwise just do a google search.. the 9/11 commission decided not to research it, but the most that is known is that the trades trace back to a company once owned by cia director buzzy krongard..

here is another link too:

like i said, just do a google search, or get David Ray Griffin's new book.. it's discussed on pages 52-57..