Lee Hamilton on CSPAN Video Clip

Lee Hamilton was on CSPAN the other day.. apparently a few callers tried to ask about David Ray Griffin's recent speech, the wargames, WTC7, and a few other topics.. you can find the clip in CSPAN's archive here:

if anyone knows a way to grab this and convert it to another format please let me know!

EDIT: further followup with short video clips of incoming callers can be found here.

Feed the lynk into

Feed the lynk into RealPlayer and go to 34 minutes, and watch Hamilton make excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse...

Sickening, he should be jailed-

Try WM Recorder v9.0 or

Try WM Recorder v9.0 or perhaps
Streambox VCR !

Guaranteed to work. Works every time!
Never fails!