Spreading 9/11 Information through Letters to the Editor

The Idaho Statesman - Letters to the Editor

Save our democracy

Go immediately to www.911citizenswatch.org and read and listen to Christian theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin's speech delivered to the University of Wisconsin at Madison on April 18 and broadcast several times by C-SPAN. Dr. Griffin discusses the Bush administration's control by ultra-right Christian fundamentalists, the push for a militaristic and economic American empire controlling the world and its resources, and the 9/11 conspiracy and coverup. The information will rock you to your core.

Then purchase Dr. Griffin's book, "The New Pearl Harbor" and read the details and sources used to uncover this 9/11 conspiracy. You will never view the American government and the current regime with the same trust. Forget political parties — think American and save our democracy. Next, question why moderate Republicans have allowed radical social fundamentalists to control the party and the government.

Paula S. Byerly, Eagle

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