Spitzer Still Not Acting on 9/11 Criminal Investigation Petition

I just came across an article on the petition to Elliot Spitzer, Attorney General of New York, requesting a new grand jury investigation.. justicefor911.org is a site setup for that petition where you can view the petition and sign it.. if you haven't done this already please do so..

NY Attorney General Ignores Citizens' 9/11 Criminal Petition

Eight months after outraged NY citizens demanded a criminal probe into Bush's 9/11 ties, virtually nothing has been done; Citizens now may have to convene their own grand jury in order to get the wheels of justice turning.
A spokesman from SptizerÂ’s office said the petition presented Oct. 28, 2004, is still under investigation. However, those close to the investigation said Sptizer has no intention to actively investigate corruption in the Bush administration since it may disrupt his plans to run for Governor in 2006.

Some of you probably already knew that Spitzer is running for governor of NY in 2006.. I was afraid that he might avoid this case in fear that it might affect his chances.. I would suggest that by avoiding this case he is in fact affecting his chances even more..Over 60% of the state of NY want a real investigation (zogby poll), and that 60% should do all they can to harass him should he run without addressing this issue.

for those interested, Spitzer has a website dedicated to his 2006 campaign.. you can comment on any of the news, as well as post in his forum and blog.. I would suggest that should Spitzer not act on the justicefor911.org petition, that we make our voices heard.. you can find his site here:

I heard RFK, Jr. might run

I heard RFK, Jr. might run too, better to throw weight behind him.

95% of the republican party is corrupt

75% of the democratic party is corrupt

So he says.