Some Follow Up Items + Open Thread

I will be out of town for my birthday for the next few days, so I thought I would follow up on some of the newer stuff going on and leave an open thread for people to post anything that happens while I am out.

Following up on Griffin in Hustler, has posted a PDF of the Hustler article which can be found here. They also have a full transcript of the Hustler interview here.

Following up on Griffin on CSPAN, has DVD versions of his appearance available for purchase here for $15.. They are also trying to raise money to ship these DVDs to media figures, you can learn more about donating to their cause here.

Following up on Hamilton's recent appearance on CSPAN, is asking people to contact CSPAN and encourage further discussion on the subject of 9/11 from other figures including Griffin and Nafeez Ahmed. This article also has a 12 minute clip of the calls from the interview with Hamilton during which he was pelted with questions. I would highly urge all of us to contact CSPAN and tell them we need some real public discourse on this subject.

Following up on Ruppert's speech in Portland, I noticed that around 54 minutes into his speech he said that Al-Jazeera will be releasing a 4 hour documentary on 9/11 this fall. He said he plays a large role in the documentary, so I would expect it to be hard hitting, and not play along with the 'official' story. I will be sure to follow up on this should anything be officially announced.

Following up on 9/11 related music, Dem Bruce Lee Styles sent in another 9/11 related track, you can find it in the 9/11 Related Music Special Feature. The new track is entitled 'Dead Prez - Know Your Enemy'.

This is an open thread, so feel free to chime in!

p.s. special thanks to all those visiting, commenting, sending in links, etc. I really appreciate it, thanks!

eh, it happens to the best

eh, it happens to the best of us, trust me. :)

Having this on Al Jazeera is

Having this on Al Jazeera is interesting but kind of bad from a PR standpoint-- since Al Jazeera is thought to be anti-American already. Not sure this helps the cause in the US though if it wakes more people up outside the US, that is fine.

Hey faketerror dude...

Hey faketerror dude... you're into David Icke, huh? I would love it if you would post some of the more interesting Illuminati information on my site...


New York Times June 6,

New York Times
June 6, 2005

Members of Sept. 11 Panel Press for Information on Terror Risk

WASHINGTON, June 5 - Members of the Sept. 11 commission, fearing that the Bush administration and Congress will never act on some of their recommendations, are joining together almost a year after completing their final report to press the White House for information showing whether the government has done enough to prevent another catastrophic terrorist attack, commission officials said.

Read article here.


Oh well, just part of the

Oh well, just part of the show.

They copied my transcript

They copied my transcript without mentioning the source, but they are good guys, I can deal with it :)