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9/11 News Summary - 9/11 news breakthroughs with links to media news articles has a new article discussing the recent media coverage of 9/11 .. I have to agree with them that the heat surrounding 9/11 is starting to pick up, specifically with recent coverage by CSPAN, Hustler Magazine, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, 'BullShit' with Penn & Teller, etc. etc. I would also mention that Air America has been doing a lot of 9/11 discussion lately as well..

Scientific American Takes on the 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts
This article is a prime example of the typical hateful crap I've come to expect from the uneducated average Joe moron in the press. Apparently good, educated journalism now is simply made up of hate filled rants and aligning those whom you attack with the worst of the world. Great stuff.

Here are some of the better quotes:

Now Scientific American has devoted a part of its newest issue to debunking conspiracy nonsense related to 9-11. The Scientific American piece was motived in part by the success of a lunabat book crayoned by a French left-wing activist, Thierry Meyssan's, about yet another 9-11 conspiracy "theory", L'Effroyable Imposture, which became an amphibian best-seller in 2002.
After noting some of the ludicrous pseudo-facts trotted out by the conspiracist fruitcakes..

btw, the spelling errors in these quotes are not from me, but from the original article.. not that I have room to talk :)

London Conference Calls for 9/11 International Truth Commission
This is a lengthy report on the ongoing 9/11 Euro-Tour. Lots of good details in this article.

The usual few spies and conspiracy nuts were there in small proportion, and a few curious onlookers, but well over 90% of people that attended the London conference calling for an international open inquiry into the September 11 attacks were human people with nice faces, living people who care. Young and old, black and white, Muslim, Jewish, Christians, Buddhists and others from Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia, the audience was truly international and diverse.

To go to a meeting even about something as important as September 11, you would have to care. Care about justice, or truth or the victims whether in USA, Iraq, Afghanistan or around the world which have followed from the attacks on that day and all that followed. The unique thing about this meeting is that an international movement is being born that is non-partisan, cuts across race and religion.

Mathaba was in attendance to cover the meeting and offer publicity to events of huge importance which as usual are being all but totally ignored by the mainstream commercial media. Here is our report.

EDIT: Added another article a couple hours later..