Some Article Quotes + Open Thread

I don't see anything major in the news today. I did come across a few random quotes that caught my eye though. Also, this is an open thread so be sure to post anything I might have missed.

Chattanoogan - As The War Goes On

Everyone in America who has swallowed the Bush propaganda that we are fighting a War on Terror, rather than taking advantage of the 9/11 attacks to overthrow other nations and install puppet Democracies, regardless of how much terror and death results, is brain dead.

The Village Voice - Felt's Goon-Squad Past

Sibel Edmonds, the FBI translator who wants to tell all about the FBI and 9-11, is the most prominent recent whistle-blower. But there are plenty of others scattered through Washington's intelligence labyrinth—they're being ridiculed, hounded out of their jobs, blackballed, and literally driven nuts.

The DSM Will Mean Nothing, And Bush Knows it

“Thank God George Bush was our president after 9/11!” I hear people say.

And my response? Where the hell was he before 9/11?

If not for the terrorist attacks on 9/11, GWB would already be retired to his ranch in Texas. As it stands now, his approval ratings are… well… not so hot. Even the people who voted for him disapprove, 7 months later.

And it means nothing. All the corruption, the arrogance, the lying, the deceptions, the omissions, the jokes about dead soldiers and missing weapons, the Downing Street Minutes, it all doesn’t mean anything to Bush.

The Star - Today's Deep Throats

Sibel Edmonds is the former FBI translator who was fired when she went to superiors to complain about sloppy and incomplete translations of intelligence information before and after the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001.

Edmonds has emerged as one of the country's most celebrated whistle-blowers and founder of an association of those who are trying to shine a spotlight on government wrongdoing.

"What we saw this week just makes us more determined to get this type of information to the public," she says, adding that there is typically a media fascination with the retribution brought upon whistle-blowers, but less scrutiny of the charges they make.

In the United States of 2005, Edmonds says, whistle-blowers, whether they go public or remain anonymous, deal with the pervasive "fear factor" that those who challenge authority are being unpatriotic.

Again, this is an open thread, so post anything I've missed!