Recent Media Coverage of Pre-9/11 FBI Failures

There are a ton of new news articles out right now in relation to a new report pointing out the FBI's failures leading up to 9/11. I figured they might be worth reviewing to get an idea of what the more mainstream news sources think related to 9/11.

The 9/11 memory gap How conspiracy theories evolve
While the title of this article makes it seem as though it is an attack on 9/11 skeptics, it's actually a point by point article on all of the unbelievable failures leading up to 9/11..

Before the smoke cleared from Ground Zero almost four years ago - yes, it's been that long - there was an understandable urge to not only find out what went wrong but who messed up. Yet not even one high-ranking official anywhere in local, state, or federal agencies has been fired.
And, most significantly, no supervisors at the CIA or FBI were fired after failing to follow up on warnings that a major attack was not only in the works but known terrorists were wandering around America.
Just how does the FBI and CIA keep records? If people in both agencies remember writing memos about terrorists but no evidence of those memos can be found anywhere, what happened?

Is it incompetence? Poor memory? A coverup?

Milwaukee Editorial: Accountability for 9-11

At the same time, the public deserves to know more about what went wrong at the CIA. A separate report by the inspector general concerning that agency's performance remains under wraps because of objections by attorneys for some of the officials believed to be named in that report. That's inexcusable. The public has a right to know how the agencies charged with protecting this nation failed so utterly on Sept. 11 - so that it can hold the necessary people accountable and make the necessary changes to ensure it never happens again.

Hillary Appointee Tied to 9/11 Blunder
FBI blunder on 9-11?
Both of these articles seek to take these new documents blaming the FBI and point the finger at Clinton. To me the blame for 9/11 isn't something that belongs to any one party, intelligence agency, or country even. Sure some were much more involved, but this is just another example of good ole' partisan politics.