New Flash Movie on Iraq and the WTC Demolition

This is a pretty snazzy flash movie about where we are today with Iraq and Afghanistan, and how we got here, namely 9/11. The movie argues the point of demolition, and is a nice new contribution to 9/11 related flash animations. Feel free to post any others you would like to mention in the comments.

Thanks again to for the link!

...and thanks to you for not

...and thanks to you for not wanting to get into this argument.

I do not wish to be a provacateur over petty details, but 911blimp has been suppressed/smeared/marginalized by what appears to comprise much/most of the 911 truth web sites, which all seem to make this same blunder. It's difficult to be certain of why they (nearly) all have chosen to devalue/discard such amazing evidence. It's also hard to be sure of why the smearjobs+marginalization. (Is it about the incriminating-vs-lie statement presentation difference, or something else/more, or both?)

But this way of (misre)presenting Bush's statements as lies is both a distinct important difference and also something that really rubs me the wrong way. And when I bring it up to people, most admit they'd never considered that angle (how calling Bush a liar helps let Bush and others off the hook for 9/11). So if too many of our supposedly-known-good, trusted 911 truth web sites are making this mistake, even after it's been brought it to their attention, the marginalized (by them) sites need to pipe up a bit (extra), to be heard at all, and to point this out, you know?

You're welcome for the link. Share it well.

If you understand the importance of this incriminating-or-liar difference, and your desire to not get into arguments is a reflection of you not wanting to take sides, I you hope you will consider adding a link to Bush Implicates Bush

There is a .SWF flash which

There is a .SWF flash which makes a MUCH better video case against the lying government's bogus 'collapse' theory at

And, BTW, no thanks to -- it is a limited-hangout disinfo site:

Without ANY evidence at all to support its presumptive conclusion, wrh calls Bush a liar for having told us that he saw the plane fly into the 1st WTC tower, on TV, before he entered that Floriduh classroom that morning!

Guys like Paul Thompson, in his coopresearch timeline, seek to enhance this disinfo of's: Paul, in his timeline, bluntly claims that it was "technically impossible"! (???)

It may have been "technically impossible" for you or I to have seen the 1st WTC impact before the Naudet video was ever broadcast, but not for POTUS!!!

I still don't know if Paul has merely bought into, or if his brain has been overtaken by, the hateful wrh disinfo, or if Paul is a willful limited-hangout-type disinfo agent. (I've only been over this with him by email once. WRH, OTOH, has repeatedly, for well over a year, totally ducked all attempts at communication on this topic. In fact, WRH's bogus page and non-responsiveness was the impetus for the web page Bush Implicates Bush...)

Just think about it: presenting an incriminating statement as a lie is the best (ONLY!) way to be sure that it can never incriminate anyone...

So, again: are these folks too full of bushhate to think clearly, or are they intentionally trying to help Bush wriggle off the hook?

Now, I'm not saying that you can't learn a lot of good stuff from reading those sites. But I am saying that they each to go out of their way to spin the tale of Bush's "prior knowledge" statements in a manner designed to try to let the bad guys off the hook.

We can't know what's in these folks' hearts and minds, but we can observe their behavior...

well, i dont want to get

well, i dont want to get into any arguements between sites here, obviously there are alot of different arguements amongst 9/11 researchers, im doing my best to avoid being in the middle of those :)

thanks for the link!