Live Blogging Coast to Coast AM 9/11 Round Table

Tonight is the 9-11 Roundtable on Coast to Coast AM. I am going to do my best to 'live blog' the event as it goes on. I invite anyone interested to hang out and post comments as the show goes on. I will be updating in the comments of this thread live as the show goes on, and once a recording is available I will of course post that as well.

EDIT: Recording now available here.

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Topic - Did Muslims act alone on 9/11 or not? (Details Page)
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Time: 1AM EST (Midnight CST)
Hour 1 - Morgan Reynolds
Hour 2 - 9-11 Roundtable - Peter Lance and Mike Levine VS David Ray Griffin and Alex Jones
EDIT: Apparently this will be several hours long.

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Hope to see you live commenting here tonight!

Alex Jones has setup a

Alex Jones has setup a special website for tonight's discussion, you can find it here:

also, here are a couple of

also, here are a couple of articles by on both this radio show and Reynolds:

apparently 3 more hours of

apparently 3 more hours of this :) im not bloggin it all.. ill post a transcript when its available..

please let me know if something is up before i can get something together!

first caller says that as a

first caller says that as a structural engineer he can admit the towers didnt come down because of the planes, but to suggest that it was done by bush was rediculous, you could just as easily pin the oklahoma city bombing on bill clinton.. speaks to internal factions of fbi and cia who would have been involved and how anything more than that cant be directly determined..

second caller is supporter of eric hufschmid's work and david von kliste.. says he came around to beleiving in 9/11 after a good bit of research.. talks about calling into a show and talked to a former CIA person whom he asked questions about the pentagon too, says he was instantly berated and no answers or comments.. referring to lack of pentagon wreckage and skid marks.. he asks if it didnt hit the pentagon where is it? he has talked to his congressman, gets to responses, argues that alot of people are aware of this, but that noone will comment on it..

third caller thanks Noory for his bravery in discussing the subject.. what brought it to her attention because of the stock market 'put' options before 9/11.. on the day it happened bush commented to seeing it on tv, bush said he saw it on tv before it was broadcast.. mentions silverstein, references a guest of art bells (dont know who?).. people should start seeing the red flags, and putting things together..

First guest Peter Lance gave

First guest Peter Lance gave a very good introduction into his research.. his focus is on what can be proven referring to coverup and obstruction of justice by very specific people in the FBI and other intelligence agencies.. very well spoken.. pointed out that while he does beleive flight 77 hit the pentagon, he advocates release of the footage and wants full disclosure of all information of all facets of 9/11..

Second guest David Ray Griffin points out how his research is focused on errors and distortions, and while he does not have a specific theory, he can prove many ways in which we have been lied to about 9/11..


griffin referencing multiple

griffin referencing multiple conflicting stories about FAA and NORAD responses, and how we did not have any response in a reasonable time.. should have been a 15 minute response at most..

rambling arguements between guests.. lots of topics pointed out by alex jones.. peter lance refers to alex jones as rush limbaugh and michael moore.. inner arguements.. bah.

[round 1 over]

super long break..

i will just post a personal transcript here shortly.. and the recording as soon as i can.. please let me know if one is available before i can get something together!

hrm.. i didnt know that the

hrm.. i didnt know that the CIA office was named after Bush Sr.. learn something new everyday ;)

apparently the letter from Texas A&M against Reynolds' opinions was from Dr. Gates, a former CIA official under Bush Sr.

Reynolds' talks about WTC7, Larry Silverstein and his 'pull' comments.. PNAC's document saying they needed a 'new pearl harbor'.. says his opinion comes from a lot of research, no one single item.. and that the current lies surrounding iraq including forged documents on yellow cake are another example of this administrations' willingness to lie..

the big failure is to explain solidly why the buildings fell.. says when he was in the department of labor, and how 2 secret service people picked up his co-worker and carried her out during the attack, says that nothing like this happened with Bush in FL. the S.S. should have not asked his opinion, but should have picked him up and removed him immediately..

references how there are so many problems with the official story that it is almost like they wanted to get caught..

'most of the black budget goes towards psy-ops', 'something is very very wrong'.. mentions how both the trade towers' collapse and the pentagon have so many holes in the official story..

referenced 'Greg Szymanski' article on him, was not personally interviewed for that.. says he is under alot of heat..

time for 30 minutes of callins.. and a break.

i will go ahead and warn

i will go ahead and warn you.. while this show is 2 hours, its going to be at least 35 minutes of commercials ;)

and btw, i have a recording going on off of XM, so i should be able to have this posted this weekend after i cut it up and such.

man.. this is good stuff..

man.. this is good stuff.. taking a break, then going to his 4 guests..

this will be a great recording to have so far!

Mike Levine introduction..

Mike Levine introduction.. referenced CIA drug trade of Vietnam.. didnt pick up on anything too specific..

Alex Jones 'the bulldog' introduction.. discusses how in july 2001 he told listeners about bin laden plot coming up, told them to contact their government.. references operation northwoods, operation 'gladio'(?).. the reichstag, the USS Liberty.. PNAC 'Rebuilding Americas Defences', 'need a new pearl harbor'.. motive is massive opium drug trade, oil in afghanistan, and iraq.. references WTC7 and Silverstein's 'pull' comments.. NORAD wargame drills on 9/11 used to paralyze military.. warnings to people on the day before 9/11 not to fly on 9/11.. references his recent 3hr long movie..


Noory is speaking to heat he

Noory is speaking to heat he has taken about what views would and wouldnt be covered. He has gotten alot of hate mail in trying to cover multiple views on 9/11..

says that there will be introductions done by each of the 4 members of the round table, followed by questions, and then the round table discussion.

noory references the patriot

noory references the patriot act, tells people to look at what is happening since 9/11..

that reminds me, first caller said the plane crash after 9/11 in queens was the 'first shoe bomber' and how richard reid, the 2nd shoe bomber, had failed.. (any comments on this?)

noory continues to reference ongoing things that point to a change in power, including new bill to remove presidential time limits, and that we should connect the dots.

4th caller references henry kissinger and how he was first assigned to the 9/11 commission.. sounds very concerned with kissinger and why he quit (had to divulge contacts)..

noory is speaking to how all of his guests will have different opinions, but that it should show the desperate need to understand 9/11 and find some answers. warns of us losing our democracy.

new caller is from iran, lived here since mid 80's, said she was waiting for it to happen.. says that she saw it coming for a while and that people should not be surprised.. talks of how things were pointing towards something like 9/11 occurring.

noory talks of greedy people who are causing these things, and how its not about america, but the groups of people that allow things like this to happen.

The show is about to start

The show is about to start shortly.. so here is a quick listing of articles on Morgan Reynolds who came out this week saying that our government was involved in 9/11, and that the WTC was intentionally demolished..

the second hour should be the best part.. however, having only 1 hour with 4 experts is nowhere near enough time to get into a real discussion.. hopefully it will be productive..

go ahead and tune in!

This is a copy of an email I

This is a copy of an email I just sent to Noory:

All of your guests are interesting, but, as far as I'm concerned , there's no doubt at all which of these bloodhounds are barking up the wrong tree.

I have a degree in physics and mathematics from Rutgers University. Based on some relatively easy to understand physical concepts, it is now clear to me, in ways that weren't clear to me as recently as 3 mnths ago, that the


Once you realize not only that our government lies and covers up serious investigations and law cases, but also must of had a hand in bringing about 911, then it becomes possible to focus efforts to root out the ultimate evil-doers. In otherword, it is not a rational point of view that they are simply covering up their incompetence. The 'oops theory' does not fit the facts as well as the 'false flag theory'.

The question of whether Bin Laden is still a CIA asset or not, or whether George Bush was fully aware of what was happening on 911, or merely helped cover it up, is not really that important.

We know that the FEMA account of the collapse of the WTC buildings was hogwash, that Geoge Bush helped obstruct a serious investigation into the WTC collapse (as well as all other aspects of 911) and that Bin Laden alone could not have caused the collapse.

Therefore, we know that Geoge Bush is a criminal co-conspirator. If we could successfully go after him (and Cheney) - impeachment, followed by a trial - we would certainly figure out the other pieces of the puzzle.

I do feel that Alex Jones sometimes speculates above and beyond the facts available to him. However, the fact of the matter is that he and Griffin are the better bloodhounds because clearly the guilt for 911 goes straight to the White House. No doubt, it goes beyond the White House, as well, but if you can't get at least that far, you will never find out what really happened.


The best scientific analysis of the WTC collapse I've heard were by Jim Hoffman. An excellent, eloquent discussion of the collapse from a scientific point of view can be heard at the following 2 links:

[plays recording track of

[plays recording track of flight 93: interactions with FAA, lose connection, heard screaming, man says 'we have a bomb aboard'.. turned to the east, near the cleaveland center.. lost the target of the aircraft.. lost him turning to 220 heading.. other pilots have eyes on him.. sees dark cloud of black smoke]


talks of different opinions like LIHOP, MIHOP, etc. etc.

in 2004 over half of new yorkers thought the US gov't had 'conciously failed to act'..