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The Downing Street Memo Hearings Chaired By Representative John Conyers
With all the mention of a 'conspiracy' by the Bush administration I couldn't help but hope that perhaps once people realize there was an intention to mislead Americans about Iraq, that they might begin to question 9/11 as well..

The Sound Of One Hand Slapping

And here's my fascination: for an agency which, before 9/11, appeared clueless that members of al Qaeda were training at flight schools, the FBI inexplicably and immediately knew, upon the attacks, which flight schools al Qaeda members had attended. And this was long before suspects should have been identified.

Venice Florida's Huffman Aviation was the principal flight school used by Mohammed Atta and associates, though used for what is a good question, as Atta was already a pilot. (The best answer may be a familiar one to students of deep politics: trafficking narcotics.) A former Huffman manager told investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker that a carload of FBI agents pulled up outside his house in the middle of the day, on the day of the attack.

"They were outside my house four hours after the attack," he says in Welcome to Terrorland. Hopsicker writes that "they didn't strong-arm him to make him think harder and cough up some useful leads, but to ensure he kept his mouth shut."

A Sherlock Holmes Type Twist To The 9/11 Murder Mystery

Author steps out like Socrates to do some 'independent thinking' about the 9/11 tragedy while using a Sherlock Holmes 'deductive reasoning strategy' to uncover the 'real culprits.' Called by some anti-Semitic for involving the Israeli Mossad in 9/11, author claims Israeli involvement cannot be overlooked due to their entanglement in the Middle East crisis.

House lawmakers spar over whistleblower protections

A bill moving through the House would allow the president to exempt employees working on homeland security issues from whistleblower protections, prompting heated opposition from Democrats and a coalition of national security whistleblowers.
The Senate version also has more protections, according to the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. The coalition said nine provisions in the Senate bill were deleted from the House bill. The provisions related to: classified disclosures to Congress, security clearances, judicial reviews, disclosures related to critical infrastructure, compensation, the role of the Office of Special Counsel in whistleblower complaints, employee rights and clarification of burden of proof requirements.

The coalition, which was founded last August by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, claimed the nine provisions were deleted by Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., chairman of the House Government Reform Committee.

"Davis' deletions include protection for whistleblowers who have their security clearances taken away in retaliation and protections for whistleblowers who bring evidence of abuse that is protected as secret by the executive branch," coalition members said in a statement. "Committee Democrats will offer amendments to restore the provisions and make other improvements."

9/11 Widow Comments on Delayed CIA Report on 9/11

Osama Bin Laden's in Iran - Take Two