Dreams About War and Retribution - Hank Ramey's rewrite

Dreams About War and Retribution - Hank Ramey's rewrite

For those who are not Senior Citizens, the reference can be made on the alleged basis that President Franklin D. Roosevelt did not warn the troops that the Japanese Navy was going to attack the naval base in Hawaii. For this purpose, an attack that was either allowed to be happened, or even made to happen by the Pentagon, CIA, et al., was going to usher a war against Iraq and other countries.

September 11, 2001, like December 7, 1941, is a date made in infamy. The problem is Iraq and President Hussein never attacked us. The official Bush Administration line was that Al Qaeda and their leader Osama bin Laden were responsible for the attack, but the Bush Administration also accused Iraq and Hussein for “conspiring” with Al Qaeda and bin Laden to attack America, one of the many lies long since discredited.

We have no concrete evidence that Bush, Cheney, et al., caused 9-11 to happen. One plausible theory is that Bush Administration officials bribed Al Qaeda via the Saudi Arabia kingdom and the Gen. Pervez Musharaf regime in Pakistan, to attack America. Another plausible theory was that the Bush Administration through unknown persons, or even through the Israeli spy agency Mossad to attack New York City, and the Washington, DC., Area. We apologize for not following through on these plausible theories.

Regardless of intent, the Bush Administration clearly used 9-11 and the memories of those who died, including Pentagon personnel and New York City policemen, and firemen, as an excuse to attack Iraq. On the onset, Bush Secretary of the Treasury John P. O’Neil and Counterterrorism Expert Richard Clarke were assigned to tie in Iraq and Hussein for their alleged responsibility for 9-11.
As for the so-called Hussein-bin Laden connection, bin Laden has previously decreed to his Al Qaeda followers that Hussein was their enemy where Hussein operated a secular dictatorship, while Hussein, establishing a Stalinist cult of personality, was threatened by any threat towards any loss of his popularity. Any attempt to have the two groups meet each other would result in an inter-Arab jihad. The overreaching of the Bush Administration to link Iraq with Al Qaeda was a desperate attempt to find reasons for Americans to support an invasion. This support of the Neocon attempt to get us in Iraq, regardless of who is responsible for 9-11 is accomplished.
Bush’s and the Neocons’ lying to Congress and the American public for their reasons to engage in war against Iraq who was not a national security threat, for letting, if not making 9-11 happen, for their indefinite occupation of Iraq for purposes of mostly oil profits, for their engaging of conflicts of interest and war profiteering, for their outing an undercover CIA Agent, for their aiding an agent of Iran, an enemy of the US, and their crimes against humanity committed in Abu Greib and Guantamano Bay, we, the Los Angeles Times, call for the impeachment by the House of Representatives of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Bybee, and several others for treason, and “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

I would like to add that there is PLENTY of reason to question the Bush Administration about 9/11, from lies and distortions, to questions which have never been answered. I encourage any new visitors to take a bit and get up to speed using the 9/11 sites listed here and elsewhere.

dz posted: "I would like to

dz posted:

"I would like to add that there is PLENTY of reason to question the Bush Administration about 9/11, from lies and distortions, to questions which have never been answered."

I do not wish to disagree with that statement in the least, but I would like to add that there are plenty of obvious questions which have never even been ASKED!

For example: How come NO ONE has ever asked President Bush how it is possible for him to have seen, as he has repeatedly stated, the plane fly into the 1st WTC Tower, on TV, before he entered that Florida classroom? - Bush Implicates Bush

Or how come the guy in the Fake Osama Phony Confession Video looks nothing like any other picture of Osama we've ever been shown...