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A Call to DSM Supporters - Help Sibel Edmonds!

Sibel Edmonds – An Appeal to the Internet Community

There has been much activity on the Internet the last few weeks regarding the Downing Street Minutes — and rightfully so. Documentation proving the Bush administration manufactured intelligence in order to invade Iraq should be on the front page of every newspaper and should be the lead story on every newscast – but we all know how things work (or don’t work) these days. However, the strength and determination of the Internet Community has managed to keep this story from disappearing while, at the same time, applying pressure to the mainstream media.
Nice work, gang.
On May 14, Edmonds published “Gagged, But Not Dead” which can still be read on her website ( where she updates the reader on the status of her case and the subsequent gag order placed not only on her but also on members of Congress forbidding even discussing matters relating to her case!
Sibel Edmonds is the perfect example of why Felt did the right thing when he leaked to the Post: those "proper channels of authority" in the Nixon administration were corrupt. Those "proper channels" were active co-conspirators themselves.
Edmonds testified for more than three hours behind closed doors to the 9/11 Commission about, assumedly, her concerns over breeches of security from within the FBI, specifically those of fellow linguist Melek Can Dickerson, wife of USAF Major Douglas Dickerson. There were also concerns of the FBI withholding valuable information from field agents specializing in terrorism investigations by unit supervisor Mike Feghali. The usual reasoning behind this practice is that the information also contains references to “certain countries” or “lucrative or political connections with this country [U.S.]”In other words, if exposing a targeted terrorist cell’s illegal activities would prove embarrassing to either the “interests” of the United States or one of our allies, then the matter is tucked away.
One of the things Sibel expressed to me was the need for people to contact their representatives regarding her case. As we have seen in the case of the Downing Street Documents, they can and do respond. Positive results can happen. It does take time and effort, I know, but we have seen it’s not always in vain.
I urge everyone to take the time to contact members of Congress and the media – before time runs out and the administration gets away with silencing a very important voice.

Found this going around the

Found this going around the net. Cut and paste it and pass it on.
There is a lot of info here for the info-warriors out there. Hard copy the most you can.

If you don't care about what's really going on in the ever about to change your world, go back to what ever lights the candle. As for this truth warrior...I am about intelligence and this stuff is abc compared to what say, an outbreak of the Avian flu would be like...most of my friends don't care....but I want you all to know that some of do...and we do for you!!

It's called Love, and this is just a wake up call!


133 Websites with Evidence of U.S. Govt Complicity in 9-11

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