Site Issues

I am aware of the major issue on this site right now with a huge white space. I ensure you this site was working perfectly fine after my last publish, and I have no idea what is going on now.

I have tried restoring older versions of my template as well as removing my last few posts with no luck.. I am trying to fix the issue now, if you have any insight please add a comment.

EDIT: it appears this error was caused by a recent change to the "" tag by blogger.. hopefully they will have this addressed soon, until then just scroll down for the content.

I've hacked out a fix I can

I've hacked out a fix I can do after each publish until blogger can figure out what is going on. I couldn't handle looking at the site like that any longer.

Looks good -- thanks for all

Looks good -- thanks for all the work you do here. This is a very comprehensive site and much appreciated.