9/11 Conspiracy Now Subject of Hollywood Theatrical Performance

9/11 Conspiracy Now Subject of Hollywood Theatrical Performance

The 9/11 murder mystery, filled with conspiracy clues but no answers, is finally going Hollywood.

Known for the unusual and bizarre, this time a Hollywood theatre is the scene for a serious political and social event, a two hour high tech video dramatization of September 11th called "9/11 Mysteries."

The brainchild of Sophia Shafquat, called the Joan of Arc of 9/11, the play is the first one in the country to tackle the complicated 9/11 issue on stage. It opens July 17 at the Met Theatre in Hollywood and is set for a six week run with performances every Sunday.
Shafquat, an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, decided to use the theatre medium to tell the 9/11 story since the mainstream media has closed off discussion of the subject to the general public by what she called blatant censorship.

"Journalists have been censored from telling anything but the government official story," said Shafquat. "I thought this was a way to create interest and get in touch with many Americans who still have no idea about what happened on the morning of 9/11."

Called by many in the activist community the "packaging queen of 9/11" for her slick use of graphics and the visual medium, Shafquat has noticed a "second wave" of interest spreading across America about the many unanswered questions surrounding 9/11, an interest which she claims is beginning to reach America’s heartland.

"The first wave were the original skeptics, who put out books, videos and web sites but hada limited audience due to national shock and horror in the wake of the tragic event," she said. "Our show and our audience are the "second wave," those who now have only begun to ponder the plausibility of what happened that day."

The show is being directed by Paul Koslo and KPFK 90.7 (Los Angeles) has agreed to promote the event by offering free ticket giveaways during its daily broadcast.

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