Entries to the 9/11 Art Competition Start Rolling In

I just received word from Carol Brouillet that they have begun posting submissions to the 9/11 Art Competition. The deadline is just a few days away on July 1st, so if you are submitting something get to it!

You can find the first set of entries here:

Here is the content of her email:

Artists Illuminate 9-11 Truth
More than the Official Commission

(Detail of entry by Chuck Bowden)

Artists and musicians cast new light on the shadow of 9/11, the unconscious fears of society, the defining event of the century, the excuse for endless war, the theme of an art contest that asks how the truth of 9/11 could lead society towards peace and justice.

The artists, unlike the official Kean/Zelikow Commission, which found no one responsible for the unprecedented failure of the military to protect American civilians on 9/11, points at those who benefited from 9/11 and could be held accountable for the crime. The artists look beyond the “They hate us for our freedoms.” explanation of 9/11 and examine more rational, logical, economic, and psychological motivations for the attack. A formidable topic, there are few entries posted on the website. As the deadline draws near (July 1st), more entries are being received, than can be posted quickly on the website. Besides graphic images, songs and flash movies have also been submitted. Organizers hope to use the art on posters, fliers, t-shirts, buttons, in films, pamphlets for educational purposes, and to alert the public to upcoming 9-11 truth conferences, rallies and events. The next major 9-11 truth event is a national “D.C. Emergency Truth Convergence” July 22nd – July 24th, with a conference and actions, focusing on 9-11 and the “Downing Street Memo,” the fabricated lies used to justify wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. (Details at http://www.truthemergency.us/).

The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, independent publishers, the Peace Resource Project, Project Censored, radio producers and websites are sponsors of the art contest which offers over a thousand dollars in cash prizes and many additional prizes including DVDs, CDs, books, videos, and Deception Dollars. Outstanding satirical movie posters by Blaine Machan, the Deception Dollar artist, are posted on the website; Machan’s work is there to inspire rather than compete; he will be one of the judges. Details on the art contest are posted at http://www.sf911truth.org

Ahhh lol, I've got some art

Ahhh lol, I've got some art work to send it but their email is'nt working!!!