David Ray Griffin Makes Online Journal Front Page

Rove's 9/11 political game: Strategy or insanity?

Despite outward appearances, Rove's real game in Washington is nothing less than a full-scale operation devised to keep Americans reminded and focused on the carefully-manipulated media image of September 11 as being perpetrated by 19 Muslim terrorists with box-cutters under the central command of that old "evil-doer" himself, Osama bin Laden (from a damp cave in Afghanistan).

Indeed, there exists sufficiently valid reason for the administration to perpetuate these carefully orchestrated psychological maneuvers. Thanks in good part to alternative media and through the outspoken voice of respected 9/11 researchers and writers such as theologian David Ray Griffin, recently featured on C-Span and author of "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions."

Americans in great numbers are being asked to consider that those who planned and carried out the three separate attacks on September 11 were perhaps not the same individuals that the 9/11 Commission would have us believe.

Rove's recent insults aimed at "liberals" indicate what is possibly a very carefully planned psychological tactic to get Americans who've heard whispers or read claims that bin Laden didn't do it to go back in time and believe once again in the official U.S. government account of what happened on September 11.

be sure to read the whole thing, and if you haven't seen Griffin's speech on 9/11 on CSPAN you can find it here in this thread.