Is a Document Signed Off On by Members of this Administration a Conspiracy Theory?

Hannity Says Pre-9/11 Iraq Invasion Plan A Conspiracy Theory

In a debate with Rep. Charles Rangel last night, Sean Hannity called Rangel's assertion that the Bush administration wanted to invade Iraq before Bush even became president as a conspiracy theory.
RANGEL: He already intended to knock off Saddam Hussein before 9/11, all of the people that worked in the cabinet....

HANNITY: Is that what you believe? Wait do you believe that?

RANGEL: Do you know about the Project Of A New American Century?

HANNITY: Do you believe that?

RANGEL: There's no question.

HANNITY: That's a conspiracy theory.

HANNITY: Hey Congressman Rangel, we'd like to thank you for the conspiracy theory portion of the show.

RANGEL: Conspiracy is what you said, I'm saying the president wanted to knock off Saddam Hussein before 9/11.

HANNITY: Alright we appreciate it, next time we'll get some evidence.

This is a follow up article to last night's thread involving Charles Rangel mentioning PNAC's pre-9/11 Iraq war plans. You can find the video clip in yesterday's topic here, or through the link above.

It was quite hilarious to see Sean Hannity instantly jump to the phrase 'conspiracy theory' as soon as Rangel mentioned the PNAC document, released prior to 9/11, calling for an Iraqi invasion and for a massive military build up. In fact, the documents say that 'the process of [military] transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor'.

On this same note, I would suggest that anytime Sean brings up pre-9/11 Iraq/9-11 ties, Iraq WMD threats, Iraq terrorist support, etc. that people refer to his comments as 'conspiracy theories'. Why? Because there is less proof to the B.S. him and this administration spouts than these documents signed off on by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, etc.

'Conspiracy Theory' my ass.

everybody knows they're just

everybody knows they're just infotainers

what do you expect from bottom feeding yes men?

George Walker Bush: "

George Walker Bush: " no attention to those conspiracy theories..."

Wizard of Oz: " no attention to the man behind the curtain..."

"Getting out in front of the issue", or "Hide in Plain Site", or darker in-your-face symbolism, I can't say.

Maybe all three.

But surely a confession in reverse.

Everytime Bush says something, it invariably turns out the exact opposite is true.