More on Bush's 9/11 Comments Last Night

With war worries growing, the president evokes the attacks of 2001 in a speech he hopes will rally support

He did it again last night, wrapping the Iraq war in the mantle of 9/11 to reject calls for an exit timetable and appeal for patience from an increasingly skeptical public. Never forget "the lessons of September the 11th," Bush warned, or risk handing victory in Iraq to the likes of Osama bin Laden. It was Bush's most direct and high-profile link between Iraq and Sept. 11 since winning re-election - and as usual, he failed to mention that the Sept. 11 commission found no credible evidence linking the former Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein and the 2001 terror attacks.

GOP lawmaker: Saddam linked to 9/11
It should be noted that Republican Robin Hayes of North Carolina still thinks Iraq was involved in 9/11. I swear, I don't think at this point half of our representatives have a clue. If this is your representative maybe you should contact him and offer him a clue.

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they don't have anything

they don't have anything else

republicans, conservatives, neocons or whatever bush cheerleaders are calling themselves these days have nothing else to offer but bigger government, higher deficits, less civil rights, illegal wars, MORE FEAR(boo) and spying on Americans.

they have milked the 9/11 fear cow so much, nobody wants to hear their "enemies everywhere" BS. Now, everyone is interested in what really happened.

if the boxcutter theory don't fit, you must admit