Out of Pocket Holiday Open Thread

I will be out of pocket until Monday evening. I should be able to check in here and there throughout the holiday weekend, I'm just not sure how much.

I thought I would offer up this super hi-res satellite image of ground zero after 9/11. The image above is just a tiny zoomed out segment of the image, specifically of WTC7, and its surrounding buildings. Please feel free to share this image around as it is incredibly detailed and interesting.

As usual, please do not hot link to the image, but to this topic (like this).

This is an open thread so feel free to post anything I might miss over the break, or to discuss this image, etc. Also, I am aware of major issues with IE, as well as issues with topic specific pages, asside from that I have made a few changes, and I hope to get the major issues addressed as soon as possible after the break.

Karl Rove Revealed As Source

Karl Rove Revealed As Source In Valerie Plame Leak

Click Here

Governor Jesse Ventura

Governor Jesse Ventura Questions the "Official Story" of 9/11...

Sorry... I don't know if Click Here works...


I just added the audio...

I just added the audio...

Sorry... I guess it does...

Sorry... I guess it does... ;)

Veterans for Peace have an

Veterans for Peace have an online petition for the impeachment of G.W.

Sign up everyone...


who doesn't question the

who doesn't question the official story?

the silence is deafening

You know how the Bush

You know how the Bush administration likes to say "They hate us for our freedom"?

And, you also realize just about everything Bush & gang state, is the direct opposite of reality?

So, ARE they telling us that "WE hate YOU for YOUR Freedom"???

The Patriot Act, for starters, would seem to indicate in the affirmative.