One-On-One Interview With Ray McGovern, Former CIA Senior Analyst

One-On-One Interview With Ray McGovern, Former CIA Senior Analyst, Who Warns U.S. Headed Down A Fascist Road And Highly Critical Of President Bush and Neo Con Explanations OF WMD, 9/11 And Manipulation of Intelligence Gathering

"This is really all they have left but even 9/11 presents another serious case of many unanswered questions," said McGovern. "Why are there so many unanswered questions that George W. Bush will not answer?

"When you have so many loose ends and unanswered questions, it creates nothing but suspicion. In fact, I applaud all the serious people trying to get to the bottom of the truth about 9/11, despite the media blackout, which is another serious issue facing the American people."
"Why is it he remained for 25 minutes after being alerted about the attack," questioned McGovern, adding when in the background at first Secret Service agents could be heard saying ‘let’s get out of here.’ "Obviously, they were overruled by somebody, somebody who knew something."

"Now, think about it, America is under attack and they have to be thinking, ‘we need to get the President out for his own protection.’ Why would they let him remain unless they knew he was safe and actually knew what was going on?

Asked if this also put a group of school children and an entire elementary school also in danger, McGovern added:

"I never thought of that. But it’s true. Why would he jeopardize the lives of innocent children unless someone knew something?"