While I Was Out Roundup Grab Bag

Welp, I am back, had a nice little break, thanks for the comments, on to the round up.

9-11 Truth for Peace and Justice Art Contest Roundup
Carol Brouillet posted a wrapup of some of the art submissions they received, including one by a contributor here, Dem Bruce Lee Styles. You can find some of the other submissions here as well.

Emergency Truth Convergence, July 22-24
Further details have been posted about the upcoming Emergency Truth Convergence this July. Here is a brief summary:

An unprecedented event series conjoining the power veteran/victim groups, key truth movements and the Indie Media to out the deadly coup now underway and launch a thousand Paul Reveres.

Featuring: the first National Press Club press conference exclusively for indie media & international journalists, Capitol Hill events, a Lafayette Park 911-war deceit rally/march, entertainment, new documentary films & presentations, a Lafayette Park 911-war deceit event, entertainment, and a strategy summit at American University between leaders from diverse truth, p&j and veteran movements as well as the independent and foreign press.

reopen911.org has posted a 5 part video from their recent 9/11 Euro Tour. These have english subtitles now and are available on the front page of their site.