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Just turning on the news this morning.. Here is an open thread, have at it.

1. Do you think the people

1. Do you think the people that perpetrated this attack are not smart enough to change their IP address? or that they may, in fact, be situated in Washington? and;

2. Do you think that if this really was a case of state sponsored terrorism, the state, or states, involved would not be smart enough to make sure the IP address was not Washington?

2 observations: 1 = AFAIK,

2 observations:

1 = AFAIK, there are no Al Queda member groups that have Al Queda in their name (Al Queda means list, I believe)
2 = The Brits are in charge in Shia areas of Iraq. Al Queda is Sunni


Apparently an organisation

Apparently an organisation called 'Secret Organisation Group of Al-Qa'ida of Jihad Organisation in Europe' is claiming responsibility. From a link at
, the website is given as

On trying to to this website I get a Security Alert Dialog box & it's all in Arabic. Who translates these websites & the claims that they make?

I get a suspicion whenever AlCIAda is mentioned, that it's a false flag op.

A comment on the news site says 'A spokesman for the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, at the University of St Andrews, Scotland said the group has not been heard of before'

Let's see what transpires.....

Here's how things may be

Here's how things may be spun:

I just checked World Net Daily, and wouldn't you know it, they have an article that is dated TODAY entitled

Iran has 40,000
human 'time bombs'
'Martyrdom' movement recruits suicide attackers against U.S.


Double Hmmmmmm


If some "brilliant" detective work should determine that Iran is behind the bombing, and tried to pin it on Sunni terrorists, I will have no choice but to assume that this is yet another false flag operation - the real culprits being the Anglo-American elitists. Everybody knows that Bush ordered the US Air Force to be prepared for an aerial bombardment of Iran by June of '05.... For Iran to unleash suicide bombers at this particular time is impossibly stupid.

I am totally convinced that

I am totally convinced that this is another "convenient" event to help Bush and Blair's reputations and start the fear of terrorism flowing again.

I am convinced that there's is no way these attacks could have been planned and executed completely under the radar of British and U.S. intelligence.

What a fucked up world we live in!

I did the whois lookup and

I did the whois lookup and got the IP address of, which is located in DC

i just pinged the address

i just pinged the address '' and got an IP of

a whois of that IP is giving me:
OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
Address: P.O. Box 10096
City: Amsterdam

where were you getting DC from?

I may be mistaken but the

I may be mistaken but the Washington DC lookup may refer to the actual website which maybe registered to Washington (?!).

Similarly the Amsterdam lookup result is where RIPE is based (they are an authority which holds a database of the the lookup info).

Upon doing some further lookups, the info kept changing – very strange!

Certainly something is weird about the whole thing. Mayor Rudy Guiliani was in London on that morning – What a coincidence!. He was on hand to dish out his 9-11 associated rhetoric to media channels etc.

See also

looks like security has been

looks like security has been ramped up here in the U.S... hope this isnt the start of a new trend.

Very interesting, check

Very interesting, check this... Do a lookup on the web address purporting to claim responsibility for the London Bombing..........

Put into a whois lookup ( i.e. at ) & you get an IP Address:

hen lookup this IP on the City from IP link on the same dnstuff page & you get

Country: United States
City: Washington, Washington Dc

Can anyone explain this?.......

With this event it's very

With this event it's very convenient that Blair was out of town (and so couldn't be implicated); that attention is now diverted away from Blair's plummeting popularity rating, the continuing protests at the G-8 summit, and the controversy over the leak of that secret memo; that now another alleged justification will exist for the American occupation of Iraq; and that all the major news outlets (especially TV) will be salivating at the possibility of once again playing up the "terrorist threat" 24-7. This event has all the earmarks of state-sponsored terrorism, but I don't expect this hypothesis to be even mentioned let alone explored by the mainstream media.