Structural Failure VS Controlled Demolition

Controlled Demolition Of WTC: Compare and Contrast
The guys over at have posted up a handful of building failures as well as controlled demolitions. At the bottom of the article you can find a 3+ mb animated gif of WTC7, and it should be readily apparent which department WTC7 falls into.

I had actually came across a lot of these same structural failure images before. If WTC7 was damaged only on one side at the bottom, and only had 2 pockets of fire in specific spots on 2 separate floors, then shouldn't we see a non-global failure? These images are good examples of how when a building fails it doesn't mean the whole thing turns to liquid:

Be sure to check out the article for other examples, and be sure to checkout the large animated gif of WTC7 available in their article. Here is a smaller version to contrast with the images above:

thanks to for the article, and be sure to check out for more details on building 7, a building intentionally demolished on the day of 9/11.

doh, i didnt realize i left

doh, i didnt realize i left out the article link, thanks for the heads up!

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