Dr. Lueren Moret and her D.U. 9/11 Studies

In doing my browsing today I came across the name of Dr. Lueren Moret, an authority on depleted uranium, specifically an interview with her from early June. I noticed she made several comments about 9/11 in this recent article, hence my post.

She has made some pretty interesting comments about studies after 9/11 from the pentagon to ground zero on radiation and the possible use of depleted uranium. While I cannot vouch for her or her information I did find these comments interesting, and I thought I would see if others might be more familiar with her work and her associations. Besides, it is a slow day for 9/11 related news.

Depleted Uranium - A Scientific Perspective

MORET: I'll tell you what I did when 9/11 happened.
     I called all the doctors with Radiation And Public Health Project, and I said, "Get out of town, and don't come back until it has rained three times." One lived 12 miles downwind from the Pentagon. She went out on her balcony with her geiger counter. I said, "Get that geiger counter out of your purse." We had just done a press conference in San Francisco, and I knew she had it in her purse. Well, the radiation levels were 8-10 times higher than background.
     We called the EPA, HAZMAT, FBI, and said, "Get all those emergency response workers suited up. They need to be protected." Two days after 9/11, the EPA radiation expert for that region called back and said, "Yup, the Pentagon crash rubble was radioactive, and we believe it's depleted uranium, but we're not worried about that. It's only harmful if it's inhaled."
     He said, "We're worried about the lead solder in the plane." Well, you know what's in Tomahawk missiles? They have depleted uranium warheads. The radioactive crash rubble contaminated with DU is evidence of a DU warhead.

Letter from Leuren Moret to Congressman McDermott

Dr. Thomas Cahill, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of California at Davis, conducted an independent study of the air around Ground Zero at the World Trade Center after the 9/11 disaster. Using very sophisticated monitoring instruments which detect very fine and ultra fine particles, Cahill and his group monitored the smoldering pile at the WTC for 5 months following the disaster from one mile north of the center. They measured concentrations of particles in six size ranges from 2.5 microns to 0.09 microns. They reported the highest concentrations of very fine particles of metals ever reported in the US, and unprecedented numbers of very fine and super fine particles. This air monitoring study of the WTC provided new information about very fine and superfine particles which have rarely been studied. Burning metals and other materials at high temperatures generate very large amounts of very small particles. For this reason depleted uranium which has burned is particularly hazardous.

The EPA has verified that depleted uranium was in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 and that the crash site was contaminated. Residents of New York City detected radiation on hand held geiger counters at the WTC site. The EPA not only failed to protect emergency response personnel at both sites, but did not report or measure concentrations of very fine particles at any of the 9/11 plane crash locations. These are the most hazardous to health, and many personnel who worked at the crash sites are now very ill.

After seeing that Dr. Lueren Moret will be participating in the truth emergency convergence in DC July 22nd-24th I thought I would see if others might be more familiar with her work.

thanks to reprehensor for the link.

I read half of these

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