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David Griffin C-SPAN Video Available!
While the video from Griffin's CSPAN appearance has been available for quite some time, has announced a new edited version available for a $20 donation by mail. Here are the details from their site:

Edited by Ken Jenkins, this video contains the complete C-SPAN talk, enhanced with cut-away images of the people and things Dr. Griffin mentions. The DVD is available for a suggested $20 donation.

Media Big Shots at NBC and New York Times 'Hush Hush And Evasive' About Why WTC Janitor Story Never Appeared, A Story That Blows The Official 9/11Account Sky High

Although 14 eye witnesses verify WTC janitor's story about a massive basement explosion just seconds before the airline strike of the north tower, major media reps. refuse to discuss why the story never ran or claim the story provided nothing new, wasn't important or wasn't the focus of their attention.
Rodriguez's story, verified by at least 14 eye witnesses and a burn victim, has become a veritable nightmare for officials clinging to the official story, probably deciding the only way to handle him is to make the 'boogey man in the bad dream' go away.

And that's exactly how Rodriguez has been treated by the so-called big shots in high places, being treated like the "bad guy riding the black horse" instead of being heralded as the 'white knight' for saving hundreds of lives on 9/11 and sticking to the truth.

In faith walks a man on a mission, but the government's problem with Rodriguez doesn't lie in his moral convictions but rather in corroborated eye-witness evidence which, in this case, is much stronger than any scientific proof offered to support the government's burning jet fuel theory.

So, instead of openly dealing with Rodriguez he is conveniently hidden from the official 9/11 Commission record, even after testifying behind closed doors. He also has conveniently being hidden by the mainstream media, Rodriguez saying in countless interviews, his words have either been deleted, manipulated or made to fit the official government account.

The War on Truth - New 9/11 book by Nafeez Ahmed

In The War on Truth - the long-awaited sequel to The War on Freedom - Nafeez Ahmed provides the most comprehensive and controversial critique of the government's official version of what happened on 9/11. In this extensive new analysis, Ahmed doubles the data and investigates the worldwide web of terrorist networks across space and time. Deconstructing the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report and the Joint Congressional Inquiry, he exposes disturbing liaisons between American, British and European intelligence services and al-Qaeda operatives in the Balkans, Caucasus, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Asia-Pacific - liaisons linked not only to 9/11, but also to prior terrorist attacks including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1998 US embassy bombings. Against this background, Ahmed accomplishes the most detailed and wide-ranging study to date of the powerful vested interests and intrigues responsible for the collapse of US national security in the years and months leading to 9/11. Government documents, whistleblower testimony, and the findings of official inquiries are scrutinized to trace the innermost workings of the intelligence community, revealing precisely which government policies and operations facilitated the 9/11 intelligence failure, and pinpointing the specific agencies, individuals and decisions that emasculated the US air defense system. Finally, Ahmed unlocks the underlying geostrategy of the War on Terror - the culmination of a decades-long plan to secure and expand an increasingly unstable system. For anyone who remains uneasy about government policies on, and after, 9/11, The War on Truth is an invaluable resource that will radically alter perceptions of international terrorism, national security, and the clandestine machinery of Western power.

I probably wont get to read Nafeez Ahmed's new book for quite a while. I am behind on my reading already (I'm currently reading Tarpley's 9-11 Synthetic Terror). If anyone reads this and wants to post a review please let me know.

after you do the above, run

after you do the above, run a Google adwords campaign (if you have the budget) with ad text "top 15 smoking guns of 911" and "top 15 lies and omissions of the 911 commission"

i am working on getting

i am working on getting panels up in the header section to have links up there.. as well as looking into your other suggestions, thanks for the input!

I have a suggestion for your

I have a suggestion for your site. Assuming the most important social purpose of your web site it to help educate people new to the subject, and only secondarily to maintain a high level of interest amongst the 'veterans', if I were you, I would borrow or compile a short article of the "top 15 smoking guns of 911" and secondly, another article on the "top 15 lies and omissions of the 911 commission". I would then make large graphical buttons which would pop up these articles. You have lots of room right in your header. I would put them there. Alternatively, you could put them in the left and right 'gutters', right at the top.

When you add a "tell a friend" feature, wherein they enter their friend's email addresses, I would then not only send a "hello, this is who we are and what we do " speech, I would attach the two articles I mentioned above as .pdf Attachments (with links back to the articles on your web site, of course, since some people will delete the attachments, not have Adobe, etc.)

By all means, include some pictures and diagrams in these .pdf files (especially the one of the woman standing in the gap made by one of the planes in the WTC building, which gives the lie to the "towering inferno leading to pancaking theory") and do your best to make them visually attractive. But don't forget the KISS principle. Try and make them about the length of a magazine article.

If you have database and programming skills, you might consider tracking email addresses and then including the 2 .pdf files mentioned above to first time email address recipients. But don't send them multiple times! If you don't, see or

When you have the above in place, you should then ask your readership to help you out. Add a third big button labeled "how you can help" and simply ask people to refer their email list friends via your "tell a friend" feature or, alternatively, by simply sending one of your posts. Also, tell them that they can make procure copies of CD's and DVD's.

Create a web page or pages on your site with the theme "how you can help" and add a link to this page (from the page that pops up from the "how you can help" button). The "how you can help" pages will have details about the 911 CD's and DVD's, and note which of these they can legally copy and distribute to their friends. Also, you would put descriptions and links to various petitions people could sign, as well as other activist activites.

About 4 times a year, for a period of, say, a week, I would pop up the "how you can help" page when people navigate to your homepage.


The text font color is too light for text that appears in the left and right 'gutters'. Both the gray and the blue are simply too light. My guess is that you should also make them a point or two bigger.


There are a lot of 911 activists out there. Why don't you ask for help in making these .pdf files up? Then, you can share them with other 911 web sites. Remember, you want not just a well written article, but one with attractive graphics. The thought process should be "Is this good enough to submit to Newsweek magazine" (to give an ex.)


Good LucK!