Site Update News

You may have noticed the evolution of this site is a continual process. I wanted to take a minute to update the great viewers of this site as to what is new, and what is on the way.

So here is what is new over the last month or so:

With all of that said, this site is just getting started. I have received a lot of positive and negative feedback which has helped this site evolve since it went public a few months ago. I am asking all of the visitors of this site to help me out with suggestions and feedback to help continue to make this site better.

Without the contributers to this site, people submitting news, and support from the community this site is nothing. Thanks for your help, and please keep checking back.

d, i made the statcounter


i made the statcounter stats public.. ive only been using their system for a week or two now, so its hard to gain much more than current stats.. i have been using livestats for a few months now and growth is very easy to see over that sort of timeframe.. the recent july 4th holiday threw off my stats for a few days on both of the stat systems..

anyways, the public link is at the bottom, after a month or two the info should be a bit more useful.

thanks for the suggestion.

gold, yew so silly.

gold, yew so silly.

make statcounter stats

make statcounter stats public.

scratch that, those stats

scratch that, those stats arent public anymore.. it was giving out more detail about my visitors and where they came from than i would like for privacy concerns. i will try to setup sitemeter this evening since that is what most sites seem to use for public info.

That new logo is really

That new logo is really sweet. Kudos to whomever made it.